Punish the deed not the breed  



It is scientifically impossible to prove that certain dog breeds are genetically "dangerous." When countries, states, and cities, impose Breed Specific Legislation, they base it on that certain dog breeds are dangerous.

Papers done by the scientific community regarding genetics and "dangerous dog breeds."


Quotes by the scientific community regarding genetics and "dangerous dog breeds."

  • As for statistics used to support the idea that some breeds are more dangerous, the numbers are misleading. There's a problem getting records. "Golden retrievers bite, Labrador retrievers bite, but don't get reported." (Dr. Pobderscek).


  • "Valuable scientific studies showing significant differences in jaw strength among breeds does not exist" (Dr. Stur, 2000).


  • "The classification of dog breeds with respect to their relative danger to humans makes no sense, as both, the complex ancedent conditions in which aggressive behavior occurs, and its ramifying consequences in the individual dog's ecological and social environment are not considered" (Dr. Fedderson-Peterson, 2001).


  • "Currently no valuable scientific method to evaluate the tolerance to pain is available" (Dr. Stur, 2000).


  • "An important practical problem that any breed-specific legislation raises is adjoining an individual dog to a particular breed, which is scientifically impossible" (Dr. Wagner 2002).


  • "The genetic differences between a Chihuahua, a German shepherd and even a timber wolf are virtually non-existent and the behavioral differences in breeds has more to do with training than breeding" (DN 2001).


  • "Although they look different, dog breeds have no more scientific basis than do races among humans" (Dr. Serpell 2001).


  • "There is absolutely no evidence for the existence of any kind of "locking mechanism" unique to the structure of the jaw and/or teeth of the American Pit Bull Terrier" (Dr. Brisbin).



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