Punish the deed not the breed  




Please support the American Canine Foundation (ACF). This group is comprised of Dog Owners from the USA, and they are fighting for our rights to own whichever breed of dog that we chose to have: American Canine Foundation

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Please feel free to use the below material, in your fight against BSL.

Writing, etc



Dog Laws


Sample Letter

Steps to fight BSL

You can't ban Snobby

Animal Law

Cost of BSL

More sample letters

Position Statement

Open Letter Regarding BSL

More Dog Laws

Court Cases

PBRC Brochure

The Real Deal

Practicality of Breed Specific Legislation



BSL Sample Letters

BSL Alerts

Clear and Present Danger



Contacting the Congress

Fighting BSL

How a breed gets banned



  Dog Bite Preventions Dog Racism is Rampant    



Cincinnati Law Review




Holland lifts 15 year old ban on pitbulls...(more)

TITUSVILLE, Fla. -- A 74-year-old woman was found mauled to death by her two dogs Thursday


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