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The handsome one.
05/1/1999 = 10/22/09

Hello Everyone

I want to tell you that I have left you all. I truly am sorry. I want you all to know I had a great life.

It all started with meeting this man underneath the West Seattle viaduct. He was kind – I helped him pan handle and make some money, simply because I was such a cute puppy, but then he was apprehended and taken away. I too was detained, for a short time - until my savoir arrived.

Her name was Ann Holte (Pitbull Project) who came into my life. Ann took one look at me and said, “let’s go” (did I mention I was adorable) so she rescued me. I suppose I was six months old. Ms. Ann with all her kindness took first class care of me – I ate delicious foods, lots of clean water, a comfortable warm place to sleep and treats - treats, Oh man ----- I never knew existed. What a woman – I loved her very much.

However, I soon recognized her heart was so huge and that she had quite a few of us innocent souls “perhaps too many” running around, so she wanted to find me a home an individual who would love me as she felt I deserved. I tried to say, “ANN, Honey, But I love you - I’ll be good - I promise.”
Then this tall Spanish women and this giant Danish man showed up to take me for a walk. They both seemed to know Ann reasonably well, so off I went. The tall Spanish took my leash while the giant Danish held on to this egomaniac, princess named Stanley.
Well, I can honestly say that the tall girl was super lovable to me. Moreover, I instantly thought “HOLY COW” can I love her too? You know me; I have always had a way with the ladies.
Ms. Ann before long recognized this bond between Jeanette and myself and sent me home with the tall folks and the princess. However, it didn’t take long before - I had that pre-madonna under my spell. Walla!

Both my new giant friends where amazing. They tenderly attended to my wounds (things you get from living under the viaduct) and cared for me with such affectionate love. I became very fond of them.
Therefore, I just made it my life’s mission that they would keep me. It was a great choice. I couldn‘t believe that this is where I ended up. What a life. First on Alki with an incredible view, then my own yard on Fauntleroy, (run, run, run) then the house on 37th, St., fully fenced with not only one yard but also two yards and my own pack of dogs to run and play with all day long. Let me tell you it was heaven.
Watch out USA we went everywhere, we hiked; I played with my new pack Stanley then Boo all gypsies like myself. We had a life. Dog Park was not for us!

I loved the way Jeanette turned me on to freedom, something I had never known. Like the chuck-it. (What an amazing toy) I also became a master Frisbee showman. If you never got the chance to witness me in action - those that did say “I ROCKED”! I was amazing and you would have been impressed.
Unfortunately, I blew my back legs jumping too high and coming down too hard. I always believed Ms. J loved this, the way she would laugh, applaud, holler, and then grab and hug me all the while whispering in my ear “That’s my boy”

Blown ligament - or not, Jeanette did not hesitate for one moment (cost not an issue) she just found a way to make me new. Therefore, after my first TPLO on my right leg, Ms. J stayed home with me and nursed me for a month even made the guest room our private room, a mattress on the floor and a TV with a VCR, just like a flophouse. It was awesome. I cannot tell you how many films we watched that summer together. Then it was time for my left leg. You guessed it - more of the same. With a promise that before long, I would be chasing after that ball …
I am telling you she was superb. The women never left me alone. I cannot tell you what that meant to me. Poul would show up and hang out for a while, but he was busy taking care of the Diva‘s.
Therefore, from that day forward I vowed to take care of her. As a Pit-bull - watch out!
J I know I was handsome yet I was branded as a Natural Born Killer.

So once my legs healed, off we went we traveled and hiked, swam, experienced everything Washington had to offer. I even went to work with her - hence the eye sore (Wind Star).
Regrettably my friends, in May, 2009, I was diagnosed with cancer, once again Ms. Jeanette was right by my side. Ms .Jeanette (my honey) at first was heartbroken with the six months diagnosis - However, knowing my mom soon got over that and decided to make the best of it - she felt that if this would be our last summer together then - let’s make it the greatest summer of all summers - this one was going to be special. Therefore, she quit her job (yup) and said Damn it - where going to enjoy every minute. As I can attest, boy did we ever. It was a great summer, a summer for play morning noon and night. Beach every day, walk in the woods, fires on Alki, sunrises, sunsets, play, play, play, never leaving me alone, when Papa and the pack (the princesses) could - they too would join us.

All the same, I preferred it most when it was just Ms and me.
Well cancer, is cancer and as it works it just grew bigger and bigger. We tried everything from swimming, acupuncture, and specialist. As much as I hated every visit and appreciated all her efforts, I mainly did it for her. I promised her months ago that I would hang in until her birthday. I kept that women - my love - this promise.

Although and in spite of it all, it is - what it is, so I had to leave…. I want you all to know that Jeanette and Poul tried their best. I tried to be courageous for them and them for me. My last few days, they loved me more than anyone has the right to be loved!

On my last night, we all spent it together. Just one big happy pack and in the morning at dawn I said good-bye to my sisters and took my last nap with my favorite lady. As time was approaching, we got up and she got me as clean as new. Poul, J and I went to MacDonald’s my favorite place. I ordered a “SUPER SIZE” please (hold the coke) hung out by the beach, tried to walk and then home to my comfortable bed. By the time the Doc showed up - I was ready. Poul said he loved me very much - Ma whispered in my ear te quero, and I will miss you forever. They wrapped me in my favorite blanket and stayed with me until they were ready to let me go. Then they took me to my resting place. And said one final goodbye.

Thank you all for your kindness and love. I will never forget – especially nails. I loved the nails. Please be good to one another and I will see you much later then sooner. Do not worry about me, my first mom Ann Holte left this world two months ago with the same condition, so I am now back in her loving arms. With no pain.

Again - be kind and please whatever you do, do not email, call, text, send cards or anything to my mom Jeanette – she just rather not relive our last few months together.

With Love your friend Cowboy.


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